Gypsy Booth School of Theatre Arts

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Dance and theatre classes

A wide-ranging variety of classes are taught at the Gypsy Booth School of Theatre Arts two fully-equipped Watford dance studios: Cassiobury and Oxhey.

The Centre,
Gosforth Lane
South Oxhey,
Watford, Hertfordshire
St Luke's
Church Hall
Langley Way
Watford, Hertfordshire.

The classes have been carefully designed to appeal to all ages and standard, while maintaining a keen eye on producing well-rounded professional performers for modern theatre.

The classes feature a variety of disciplines and techniques, and to find out when and where the classes are being taught, just click here.

Ballet is the basis for all modern dance, and is at the core of the Gypsy Booth School of Theatre Arts curriculum. Predominantly, the school teaches the Russian technique as it does not rely on set work, and produces dancers who are more versatile and more able to think on their feet. The Russian technique teaches students to be comfortable with their bodies, while recognising their strengths and limitations.

Pre-school ballet [ages 2-4]
A basic ballet technique as well as an emphasis on music, movement, creativity. This is a class that builds on a child's key motor skills.

Weenie Boppers [ages 3-5]
Basic jazz and street dance as well as an exploration of music and movement.

A mixture of street, commercial, hip hop and pure jazz to ensure a group f well-rounded dancers for the industry's current demands.

ISTD exam-based, with free classes based on the American tap style

Junior contemporary
The Graham and Cunningham basic technique with an emphasis on the exploration of movement and creative dance.
Senior contemporary
An exploration of all different style and techniques of contemporary, looking at both the technical side as well as creativity through choreographers and repertoire.

ISTD exam-based class that enhances the technique for jazz.

Focus on pointe technique for ballet.

Focus on training and strengthening for pupils about to go onto pointe.

Individual drama tuition, preparing for LAMDA exams.

Group lessons teaching acting techniques, improvisation and performance skills.

Musical Theatre
Group lessons teaching singing techniques and skills for both theatre and commercial areas.

Small group-based class, focusing on individual technique and all aspects of vocal coaching.

Dance class based on national dances throughout the world.

Gymnastics for Dance
Gymnastic skills and acrobatic tricks for dancers aiming to improve flexibility, strength and acrobatic skills.

GCSE Dance and Drama
Working towards GCSE, and generally a two-year course.

AS and A2 Dance
Working towards AS and A2 Dance, and each is a one-year course.