Gypsy Booth School of Theatre Arts

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  • Gypsy Booth: 07708 138328
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The only name for Watford dance and drama


Gypsy Booth School of Theatre Arts' 51 years experience in bringing the best out of young Watford dance and drama pupils has helped it to become a nationally established and recognised name in theatre arts.

With strong links to world famous ballet academy schools like Bolshoi and Kirov, Gypsy Booth School of Theatre Arts can provide the perfect start for young performers who dream of perfecting a much-loved hobby, or turning it into a career.

Founded by current co-principal Gypsy Booth in 1965 and now the running of the school continued by her daughter Tamara Vile. The school was created following Gypsy’s career in the professional theatre, where she worked as a dancer, choreographer and actress. Gypsy's extensive experience as a teacher of dance, particularly Ballet, allows her to remain involved with the school today.

Uniquely, much of the fully-qualified and experienced teaching staff have long-standing links with the school, usually from coming through the school themselves, so they understand the inclusive and family-orientated culture that has already been installed.

Preparing the performers of the future, developing motor skills, building confidence, and helping youngsters to maintain a healthy lifestyle is at the school's core, and, unlike other Watford dance and theatre schools, every member of the school, regardless of age and experience, will get the opportunity to perform in one or more of the school's regular theatre productions